Monday, April 11, 2005

Jag Media Holdings

Capital Raised: $43.66 million
Capital Burned: $44.02 million
Previous Executive Compensation: $150,000 per year to each of three senior executives

Jag Media is, in so many ways, the perfect example of a company that has run its shareholders' equity into the ground and then sought to blame outsiders for its problems. As if running through $44 million worth of capital was not insult enough to Jag Media shareholders, they also have in place a toxic funding package with Cornell Capital.

Jag Media has aggressively pursued lawsuits against hundreds of financial institutions and harassed DTCC over an alleged naked short position that, according to some of the chronically financial illiterates who follow this stock, runs between 100 and 300 million shares.

Unfortunately for Jag Media and her shareholders, the naked short position has no role in Jag Media's negative net worth. "Naked short sellers" don't make executive decisions regarding a corporation's finances. The $44 million that was exhausted by Jag Media was done at the behest of her own management.

Despite Jag Media's grave financial condition, the company still sports a market cap of nearly $15 million. Some shareholders figure there's no point in selling at the current market price, that it's easier to just ride the thing to zero.

And so they shall.


Blogger Darren Saunders said...

it really does amaze me the "press" of your program ?
You own no shares of Jag Media[JAGH] or Eagletech[EATC] yet you attack the companies management
24/7.That is VERY ODD to say the least.
Oh yes, I forgot you own no "real" shares ,you and your Hedge Fund buddies. You own FALSE-UNCLOSED-OPEN orders that are illegal,so you better hope the "sheep follow you lead and sell because as I said earlier
you and your "bandit" friens should
already be hearing "footsteps".
I BEG YOU SHEEP hang on to these
shares of-JAGH-EATC because you are about to take a "ride" skyward
Thank you Jimmy for this platform.
Do you hear them yet ?

11:38 AM  
Blogger Darren Saunders said...

Dear American readers,
Remember the good ole days when the newspaper boys would yell on the street corners
"extra,extra -read all about it " ?
In todays world we need those newspaper boys to help us break those bandits that run news
I will be that newspaper boy to Americas people and tell you all the truth and nothing but the truth about Wall Streets dirty dealings. The people of this great land really need to stop this
robbery of our country by the Hedge Funds. Iwill be your daily newspaper boy telling you what is new on WallStreet today. Welcome to my newspaper "stand"
Thank you all we will talk tomorrow

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11:52 AM  
Blogger Jimmy B said...

Darren, I have never attacked Jag Media management. I have simply repeated what has been reported in their SEC filings.

Guess who is responsible for the material that ends up in an SEC filing.

1:10 PM  
Blogger auraexude said...

a question to jimmy, or darren saunders,

when does the dtcc actually enforce the illegally created shorts and dissolve these iou's?

what happens to a jag media , which is partially owned by some serious investors, what is their motivation for being part of a 25 cent bully board stock or a 12 million dollar mkt cap company?

8:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

once the dollar mark is obtained again...

watch out.

6:07 PM  

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